Galleri Hagalid at Hagalid mountain farm has been an art gallery from 2013. The art gallery has now closed down in April 2022. We thank our Norwegian and international guests through nine years for  visiting us! We will allways remember your interest for Norwegian art, crafts and our local food!

The farmyard and houses is not available for guests.

The car parking 200 m before the farm yard is open for hikers with a fee as before.

The old farm is situated 300 m above sea level of Jøsenfjorden, Hjelmeland municipality in the fjord region of Ryfylke (picture above). The spectacular farm road up ( 5 km) was compleeted in 1960, the year the farm also got electricity. The farm has production of sheep, Christmas trees and foresting.
Need som rest after hiking in Norway? You will find much to explore in the Hjelmeland area, check out ideas for accomodation, farm shops, restaurants and other things to do from this Hjelmeland map 2021
We can recommend a round trip by car in Ryfylke: Visit famous Almannajuvet at National Scenic Route Ryfylke (Fv 520) near Sauda. See the wild fjord landscape of Jøsenfjorden with the Shoemakers peak (picture at right, see below). We recommend to include a cultural lunch in old farm houses at Hagalid (From Almannajuvet: about 2 hours drive + 1 short ferry trip Nesvik – Hjelmeland). Look carefully for the opening hours for the gallery!
Don’t forget to try the 5 – 6 hours hike to Skomakarnibbå (Shoemakers peak – see below) from Hagalid! Fabulous fjord view! Demanding.
There are also shorter and easier hikes and strolls around the farm, read more under on this page.
Important: Dogs must be kept in a leash of an adult from the parking and all the hike. Close gates.
There is no acommodation on the farm, and camping is forbidden on the parking area. Camping and hostel are situated in Hjelmelandsvågen, where you also find space for motorhome close to the fjord (by the municipality offices).
Nearest hotel: Høiland Gard, Årdal.

Hagalid farm is a part of the Trefadder project. take a look on a new film about the Trefadder in English

New information and lots of new pictures from each exhibition on Facebook and Instagram

Explore more?
Do you want a personal guided stroll (English) in the beautiful culture landscape and old houses of the Hagalid farm? The stroll lasts for 1 1/2 – 2 hours, easy walk, only small groups. Combine the stroll with at meal, special made for you.

For more information about the meals and guided tours, please contact Ms. Hanne Sundbø, or phone +47 982 19 973 – 51 75 06 83.

Local hikes, parking rules and fee

Skomakarnibbå (Shoemakers peak) and other walks around Hagalid:
Combine your trip on the spectacular road up with a hike to Skomakarnibbå peak (Shoemakers peak – marked path, map, 5 h, demanding, wet areas, steep hills) Season: April – October depending on snow conditions. Weather forecast (Øksnafjellet)

Låtveit, a former croft (marked path, 1-2 h, easy).
There is also a new short red marked path in the forest from the parking up to Heiavarden – 20 minute walk up to nice view towards the Ryfylke fjords and islands. You may also follow the new red marked path further on around the hill marked «Heiarunden» in the forest. Beautiful views, 2 h, family friendly, wet. Season: Allmost whole year but depends on snow condition.
It is also possible to walk down through the forest to Hjelmelandsvågen (municipality center).

For all hikes all year round: We recommend a stick and solid shoes for wet conditions.

The trails are crossing pasture land for sheep. Dogs must be kept on a leash by an responsibel adult. Close gates.
Main parking by sign 200 m before the farmyard. No parking near and in the farmyard. Short time parking only for guests to the gallery, disabled people have priority for parking in front of the Sofie house.
No camping or overnight stay on parking area or on the gras land for sheep nearby and around the farm yard.

Hikers to Skomakarnibbå have to pass cross the gras land and a gate approx. 500 m from the farmyard to put up a tent in the forest.

Parking fee for hikers, NOK 100,- (or Euro 10,-): cash in the green box, or cash or by card in the gallery on opening days.
For Norwegian citicens using payment on mobile phone: VIPPS to 734972.

Fishing license for trout fishing in lake Hagalidvatnet. Boat for rental. Family friendly fishing.

How to get here? Hagalid farm and Hjelmeland municipality

From south: Follow National Scenic Road Ryfylke (Road 13) from the Lysefjord or from Solbakk after driving under the fjord from Stavanger by the Ryfast subsea tunnel. 50 minutes drive from Solbakk to Hjelmeland.
Approx. 1 hour from Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) car parking.
1 hour 20 minutes from the Lysefjord (Oanes ferry berth, privat ferry in summer 2021)

30th Desember 2019 the Ryfylke subsea tunnel, the longest tunnel for cars in the world, opened between Stavanger and Solbakk near Tau. The ferry has closed down. Fee for cars.
In summer there is a private car ferry crossing between Oanes and Lauvvik by the Lysefjord if you come from south.

From North: Follow Road 13 from Suldal/Sand/Røldal to Nesvik ferry berth.
Timetable for the ferry Hjelmeland – Nesvik – Skipavik (at Ombo island). 13-15 minutes crossing, 3 times/hour. Pay your ticket on board.

From Hjelmeland: Drive toward Vormedalen. 1,5 km after the roundabout, follow sign to Hagalid up left. Drive 5 km on the narrow and spectacular road. Best meeting places are at the bends, one must be prepared to reverse the car when meeting other vehicles.

More information about what to do in Hjelmeland 2019 – 2020 (English and Norwegian): map 1 and map 2 

Tourist information in the library of Hjelmeland municipality, Vågahuset, Hjelmelandsvågen.
Vågavegen 115, 4130 Hjelmeland (10 min drive down from the art gallery).

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm (Thursdays a bit longer in summer)
Cell phone in summer: +47 404 39 003.

Mobile camp by the fjord close to the municipality offices. Fee.